FastFluff Vault & Floor Trainer

Inflate to DRILL, Deflate to SKILL!

Uphill vault training is important. Athletes should do it every day. But many times coaches can’t do as many uphill drills as they would like for a variety of reasons. Not enough mats, not enough vault stations, not enough kids to move all the mats. There may even be too many mats and no place to drag them out of the way.

The NEW Fast Fluff ™ Vault & Floor Trainer Saves Time, Saves Energy.



You have a limited time to get all your work done during the vault rotation. Hunting down all mats to use and moving them takes up precious time that could be spent practicing. You don’t want to waste 5-10 minutes every time you practice. Wasted minutes wastes turns. With a push of a button the NEW Fast Fluff ™ Vault & Floor Trainer inflates. Now its time to train!

Inflate to DRILL.



Dragging mats around the gym is hard. It’s hard on your body, hard on the equipment you drag it across, and it’s hard on the mat handles and covers. Then, it’s hard to move them out of the way to get to the fun part.  Landing great vaults! Now, simply turn off the blower and in less time it takes to walk back to start again, your area is ready to go onto the next part of training, the landing.

Deflate to SKILL.

Our SPECIAL "gotta-get-me-one-a-them" price!



* Includes shipping to 48 US States
(extra charge to HI and AK)

* Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Tax not included

* Payment in full required at time of order.

*Includes Fast Fluff™ Vault & Floor Trainer and 1/2 HP blower




Download the Vault & Floor Trainer instructions PDF here


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