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Drill to Skill!!

Why FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems?

Foam block pits are great training aids- but not when they get compacted. Yet it's time consuming expensive work to keep them expanded or "fluffed"  so that they are working at their maximum effectiveness. Manually "fluffing" pits often diverts highly paid coaching staff from their real jobs, coaching kids. That's why gymnastics and trampoline facilities around the country trust the patented* FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing System.

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The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer is easy.

Just press the button and in minutes your pit is fluffed. As an example, a 16’ x 16’ pit 4 ‘ deep took just 7 minutes. Imagine that in your gym.


The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Flufferiser.

The “Fast Fluff” gently raises and agitates the foam without sending particles that can affect breathing into the air. Cleaning out the bottom has never been easier.  Simply inflate and use your vacuum tube to remove debris from the top of your pit that was formerly at the bottom of your pit.


The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer is customized.

The Fast Fluff deflection and randomizing fingers are strategically placed to get maximum agitation of the packed pieces at the base of your pit. Foam cubes that typically sit at the bottom of your pit for months are now circulated as often as you like.

Penn State University Vault Pit

The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer is smarter and safer.

What’s better to land in? A foam pit that hasn’t been fluffed in 6 months and packed tight or a freshly fluffed foam pit? You don’t need to be “Safety Certified” to answer that.


The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer saves money.

Frequently agitated foam retains its shape and effectiveness longer, reducing the need to replace cubes.


The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer saves mats.

Gyms regularly use the loose foam pit with a skill cushion on top. As the pit sinks they take other cushions from around the gym to raise the level. Fluffed pits only need one skill cushion on top to replicate a firmer landing, and when it gets pushed down, hit the button and it’s fluffed again.


The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer is fun.

Turn it on and watch– it’s awesome!  Kids can’t wait to jump in when it’s done.


The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer is long lasting.

Well constructed in the USA. The “Fast Fluff Pit Fluffing System”. Nothing to break or wear out. It simply lies at the bottom of your pit and works and works.

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The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer is AFFORDABLE.

We can help those customers who like to spread out their gym improvement expenditures. GymCare, our full service AAI equipment and Pit Fluffer installation company, works with Full Circle Financing to make every pit restoration and upgrade affordable. Full Circle will help you find the easy payments and terms that fit your gym’s budget.

The Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffer in your gym is comforting.

Smart business owners document all preventative maintenance and the steps taken to ensure the existing equipment is functioning as originally designed. Now you can say with confidence, and make a record in your log book, that you fluff your pit EVERYDAY, demonstrating that you are a conscientious business owner that takes every precaution possible to ensure an effective landing surface.

The Patented Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffing system.

It really works!


Download the Fast Fluff ™ Pit Fluffing System Brochure PDF Here

Pre-sales Consultation

We're here to help every step of the way, we'll talk you through your unique application, safety needs and budget

Custom Design and Fabrication

Each FastFluff system is custom designed, measured and fabricated for your specific needs.

Installation and Maintenance

Need help with the installation? Our experts will guide you through the steps to install and maintain your FastFluff Pit Fluffing System for maximum effectiveness and long product life.

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FastFluff Installations

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FastFluff™ Vault & Floor Trainer Brochure

FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing System Brochure

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Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems