FastFluff™  Testimonials

Randy Jepson

John Roethlisberger
& John Macready

Frank Kudlac

Justin Spring

“After 12 years of continued use the foam in our pits were beginning to degrade and compress. Our pits were difficult to fluff to maintained a safe training situation. After installing the Fast Fluff pit fluffing system in our gym we can now fluff our pits in a few minutes. Simply by flipping a switch, we no longer need to worry about foam breaking down as quickly where replacement is costly. “

Randy Jepson, Head Coach, Penn State University, PA


“Keeping our pits safely fluffed is always a challenge, especially in our biggest pits. We run our Pit Fluffer once or twice a day and it makes all the difference. The job it does in the pit the size of ours is remarkable.”

John Roethlisberger & John Macready, Flip Fest Camp, TN


“The purchase of the Pit Fluffing system last summer was one of the best investments I have made in 22 years of business! I highly recommend the Pit Fluffing system as it is a great financial investment.

Karen Myers, Owner/Director KMC Gymnastics, PA


“The staff at the NAC love the Pit Fluffer. It is a great time saver and keeps the pit ready to use at a moments notice. It is so much more effective then the ways of the past. The system itself is durable, well designed, and easy to operate. Installation was prompt and well done. I would recommend this system to anyone with a pit. Thanks so much for an easy innovative solution to what would otherwise be a time consuming chore.”

The NAC coaching staff, Newtown, PA.


“What was once the hardest job in the gym is now the easiest thanks to the Pit Fluffer.”

Anthony Smith, Owner, High Performance Gymnastics, PA


“It does a really, really good job of fluffing the pit. My kids are happy that they don’t have to do it. It makes my coaches even happier because they don’t have to do it. All you have to do is push a button and your pit is 100% like it used to be from day 1. Here at Le Club Gymnastics we overtly benefit from it everyday.  I recommend it to every gym.”

Robert Laughton, Le Club Gymnastics, CA


“I am proud to say we have the first pit fluffing system in the great state of Texas and once all my gym colleagues see it in action, I can bet they will want one for their own gyms!”

Frank Kudlac, Owner, Achievers Gymnastics and Cheer, TX


“We use our Pit Fluffer multiple times a week. Pit fluffing takes so much time and is very cumbersome.  We have a very safe pit for our athletes to train in every day with almost no time wasted at all.  Thank you!”

Justin Spring, Head Men’s Gymnastics Coach,
University of Illinois


“The Pit Fluffer system is a life savior. As we all know how much time it takes to fluff the pits. This takes only a few minutes. I have not had to replace my foam like I was before we added the Pit Fluffing system.”

Peggy Hoffman, Countryside YMCA, OH

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Logo for the FastFluff™ Pit Fluffing Systems
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